As a general contractor for commercial construction projects, you have unique objectives and obstacles. Because you work hand-in-hand with subcontractors, while adhering to building regulations – you have enough on your plate. That’s why many of the region’s general contractors are members at Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan.

Commercial Contracting Services for Builders

Helping you make the right decisions about projects out for bid, we proudly offer these membership benefits:

  1. Membership Directory – Each year, we update our comprehensive guide which lists our members and their role in the construction industry. This makes our guide an indispensable resource when you’re searching for an electrician, plumber, or another type of subcontractor.
  2. Company Listing – Expand the awareness and increase the visibility of your company by securing a directory listing in our industry directory. This positions your business as reputable and helps members discover your skills.
  3. Workshops & Training – Our staff coordinates ‘lunch-and-learn’ workshops where we invite speakers to share their expertise and how it applies to you.
  4. Membership Activities – Enjoy a casual networking environment while connecting with industry leaders at our annual golf outing. Attend our awards banquet which recognizes excellence in construction and industry accomplishments.
  5. Online Project Database – Make informed decisions during the project bidding process! With our website’s portal, you and your key employees can retrieve real-time information. You can even manage your own projects that are out for bid in Northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula!



As a subcontractor or skilled trade, maintaining a steady income for your business requires relationships with industry professionals. Whether you’re a plumber, electrician, or in another skilled trade – one proven resource for finding new business is through Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan.

Connecting Subcontractors with Building Professionals

Professional relationships are built on trust and your reputation amongst peers. For decades, we’ve made it our mission to connect general contractors with reputable subcontractors – along with other skilled trades. This way, commercial projects in our region are completed on-time and at high-quality standards.

Our friendly staff continues that mission by offering these member benefits:

  1. Membership Directory – Promote your talents in our annual directory that is distributed to general contractors and architects who’re looking for you. Complete with your contact information and specialization, your listing is a great way to advertise your business!
  2. Insurance Program – Whether your researching health insurance or protecting yourself legally with liability insurance, the coverage you need could be through our partnership with Hastings Mutual Insurance Company.
  3. Website Project Portal – Complete with real time information of projects, parties involved, and more – our online database helps you make the right decisions on which projects you should bid.
  4. Plan Room – The physical plan room holds the hard copy of all currently bidding projects. With private workstations to view a project or workstations to see them online, the friendly staff in the plan room can reproduce the projects that you can take back to your own office. The plan room also has a convenient conference room for you to meet with other subcontractors or suppliers while gathering complete information to submit your bids. As a member – you have 24/7 access to a fully supplied workstations.

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Contacting Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan

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