Happy New Year!

December 2016

A New Year…. Resolution?

Here we are again! On the cusp of a brand new year, a clean slate and the ambition to make a life altering resolution. Or, maybe not….

It is probably safe to say that all of us have made a New Year resolution at some point in our life. It may have been to eat better and exercise more or perhaps give more of ourselves to our community. However, making a promise to ourselves can be tougher than you think. Setting unrealistic goals are more likely to end in failure than making small changes, one at a time.

The Build Up…

A new year brings new opportunities. The same holds true in our industry as we see plans and ideas forming that will reshape our skyline. It is exciting to see how popular our little piece of paradise is to the rest of the world and the enthusiasm of those who seek what we live in every day. And, just like a personal resolution, some will struggle with the change. However, we can see it through by making good decisions, being involved with our community leaders and supporting smart growth. Let’s build each other up and lay the the groundwork for success!


Wahooo! Resolution achieved! Now what? So here we come off of our emotional rollercoaster of conquering our goal, feeling lighter and brighter, full of optimism and self-praise. Are we done now? Do we fall back into the rut and life resumes as before? Nope! Once change gains momentum it needs to be fed in order to move forward. As in personal life and work life, our thoughts should look toward the future. The past is gone and is not to dwell on but to gain wisdom from.


“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future…”   ~ Yoda