Lunchbox Workshop – Accident & Incident Investigation

Hopefully we are not investigating or reporting an accident, rather an incident. Something that could have, and should have been prevented. Prevented by encouraging our employees to report incidents and properly investigating to discover the root cause with the goals of communicating the teachings from the incident to avoid accidents caused by employee behavior, acts or conditions.  This workshop is geared to discuss ideas used in the risk analysis and risk management to discover gaps that result in employee injury or property damage.

Join us Wednesday, April 11th for our round table discussion to review the OSHA requirements for Accident & Incident Investigations.

Our Host, Devin L. Hill, COSS, Corporate Safety Director for Windemuller Electric and OSHA Outreach Training, will facilitate our discussion here at the Builders Exchange Conference Room.

11:25 – 1:00pm (light lunch included)
Members – $15 / Non-members – $25
Open to anyone and everyone.

Please RSVP to