Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan

Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan

Proudly serving the construction industry since 1959

About The Builders Exchange

Builders Exchange
of Northwest Michigan

The Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan was incorporated in 1950 and is a member-owned organization. It is operated as a non-profit organization supported by annual dues and service fees and has a nine member Board of Directors.


The Builders Exchange provides area contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers reps a planroom to review project bid documents.

Our Planroom, which is located at 1373 Barlow Street, Traverse City, is one of the few in the nation that offers 24/7 keyed access for our members.

Project information is available to our members on our website or by visiting our planroom.

Internet Contractor, Industry Planroom

The Internet Planroom is available in 2 different levels.

Our Standard Membership  provides the member access to timely project information such as current projects out for bid, bid date and time, scope of work, project location, bidders list, apparent lows and addendums issued.

A Premium Membership gives you all the services listed in Level 1, but also allows you to view and print project plans, specs and all addendums and RFIs; all of this done conveniently from your office.

Project Documents

The Builders Exchange of Northwest Michigan provides access to project documents for commercial and industrial projects primarily in the Northwest Michigan area, though coverage extends throughout lower and upper Michigan on projects of interest to our members.

The Builders Exchange strives to provide the most up-to-date and accurate project information in order to serve the needs of our associations contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Member Construction Projects

Builders Exchange of Northwest Mission

Our mission is to foster the growth and progress of the Northwest Michigan area by encouraging high standards of quality workmanship, to promote trade schools and the education of artisans in the community for the interchanging of ideas.


Let the Builders Exchange help you get your project information out quickly and efficiently to the people that need to bid on it. Let us help you distribute your information accurately, promptly, and without all the phone calls.


Why not use the Builders Exchange of NW Michigan? We live here. We have Northern Michigan Contractors and Subcontractors and Suppliers that are the most widely used for Northern Michigan Projects. Communities and local units of government, post your project here for free/no charge.

You can send your invitation to bid, a new project, or the link to your project to for prompt posting.

BXTVC is ready to help you. We report on many projects every year that are in need of professional service, architects, engineers, landscape designers, or design teams.

All members are able to see these postings in a timely manner and receive an automatic email as they are posted. Call us for more information at 231-946-5531.